Our core team comprises the most experienced professionals from the industry who have vast experience in construction processes and an eye for attaining high precision in performance.

Directors Profile

Mohan Kumar Agarwal

Mohan Kumar Agarwal, the distinguished chairman of MK Group, assumes full responsibility for overseeing all executive operations at the helm of the organization.

Shambhu Kumar Mittal

Shambhu Kumar Mittal is a very dynamic director in the group. His expertise in handling of the legal and departmental compliances. A pillar in the working of the group. His experience and expertise has won many accolades for the organisation.

Rahul Agarwal

MR. Rahul Agarwal, one of the directors of MK Group, has graduated from Delhi University. Besides maintaining a responsible role in the company, Mr. Rahul Agarwal is also handling the manufacturing plant of Leno Bags and sacks with equal expertise. A prudent businessman, he also holds active membership status in LIONS CLUB INTERNATIONAL.

Chirag Agarwal

Mr. Chirag Agarwal is another young director of the MK Group who adds value to the company with his dynamism and innovative young mind. His dedication and focus on the result driven business adds a new feather in this organization's cap. He mainly looks after the welfare of the company besides having an active presence in the overall business operations. As a dynamic leader he has a long way to go and with stalwarts guiding him in this journey he will take this organization to the next level.

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