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Your own home is a secret desire that you safely protect inside your heart. MK Group gives you the key to your cherished dream with your own home. Since 1987, MK group has been a trusted name in the real estate industry for making residential and commercial constructions that are symbols of insightful designs, innovation and premium construction technology.

At MK group, we believe that ideas form the cornerstones of buildings. Bricks and motor are merely the blocks that help in realizing them.

Transparency with clients, commitment to quality and more than three decades of experience are the major capitals of MK Group that have carved a niche for the organization in ever growing and highly competitive real estate sector of North Bengal.

The thoughtfulness in constructional designs is among the major USPs that have always made MK Group the first choice for customers. A glaring specimen of this includes provisions for child-friendly spaces and parks in each of our residential projects so that the bliss of nature can be explored to the heart’s content.

So, MK Group is not only into making constructions. Instead, we are committed to adding sustainable values to the lives of our customers.

MK Group has also diversified into the Polymer industry and manufactures high quality LENO bags and woven sacks.

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